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Jaime Lerner is an architect and urban planner, founder of the Instituto Jaime Lerner and chairman of Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados (JLAA). Former president of the UIA – International Union of Architects in the 2002/2005 term, three-time mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, he led the urban revolution that made the city renowned for urban planning, public transportation, environmental social programs and urban projects. He served as governor of Parana State twice and conducted an economic and social transformation both in the urban and rural areas

Jaime Lerner



  • 2015 Lucio Costa Award for Mobility, Sanitation and Housing, Urban Development Commission / Chamber of Deputies, Brasília, DF.

  • 2013 Comenda Barão do Serro Azul, a great personality from Paraná and a world-renowned urbanist, Associação Comercial do Paraná;

  • 2011 Innovadores de America Award, Iconos y Leyendas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic;

  • 2011 Leadership in Transport Award, the International Transport Forum at the OECD, Leipzig, Germany;

  • 2010 Médaille de L'Urbanisme - Awards and rewards 2010; L'Academie d'Architecture. Paris, France;

  • 2010 Lee Kwan Yew World City Prize. Finalist. Singapore;

  • 2010 Listed among the 25 most influential Thinkers of 2010 - Time 100 Most Influential Personalities;

  • 2009 Brasil Olímpico Award, Jaime Lerner - Developer of the BRT Project, Rio 2010 Candidacy Committee, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;

  • 2009 Brasil Olímpico Award, Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados for Consulting Services, Rio 2016 Bid Committee, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • 2009 Sustainable Steward Award, Lifestyle category, Sustainable Planet Film Festival, USA;

  • 2008 International Award - AGECU Agora, Spain

  • 2007 Award for La Urbanización Pedra Branca, Buenos Aires International Architecture Biennial 2007;

  • 2004 The Volvo Environment Prize, Sweden;

  • 2002 “The 2002 Sir Robert Matthew Prize for the Improvement of the Quality of Human Settlements” Award, Inter-National Union of Architects - UIA.

  • 2002 CITIES Award for Excellence 2002, Fundacion Metropoli, Spain;

  • 2001 The 2001 World Technology Award for Transportation The National Museum of Science and Industry London;

  • 2000 Príncipe Claus Award “Urban Heroes” - Príncipe Claus Foundation for Culture and Development - Netherlands;

  • 1997 Ordre National du Mérite - République Française;

  • 1997 Thomas Jefferson Medal from the University of Virginia (USA);

  • 1996 UNICEF Child and Peace "From the Street to the School" / "Protecting Life" / "University of the Professor";

  • 1996 Lewis Munford Awards "Development", Orlando, USA;

  • 1994 Richard Neutra Award for Professional Excellence, California State Politech University, USA;

  • 1993 Innovation Honor Roll - Landscape Architecture Foundation and American Society of Los Angeles, USA;

  • 1992 Award for Good Industrial Design, Urban Transportation System, Industrie Forum Design Hannover, Germany;

  • 1992 EC0 92 International Council for Local Initiatives;

  • 1991 Gentleman of the Order of Arts and Letters, Ministry of Culture, France;

  • 1991 US Worldwatch Institute Award for the urban public transport system in Curitiba;

  • 1991 Tree of Learning Award from the International Union for Nature Conservation;

  • 1991 Habitat Award "Scroll of Honor";

  • 1990 Expo 90 Osaka, Japan two awards given for the high degree of environmental conservation programs;

  • 1990 Annual Award from the International Energy Conservation Institute (IIEC), Washington DC;

  • 1990 United Nations Maximum Environment Award from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), New York;

  • 1989 Silver Medal Award “International City Design Competition” Milwaukee, USA;

  • 1968 Paris Biennial Participation of Young Architects;

  • 1966 International Architecture Competition 2nd place - Tourist complex “Eurokursaal” San Sebastian, Spain;

  • 1966 National Architecture Competition 1st place Federal Police Headquarters (DF).




  • Gentleman of the Order of Arts and Letters (France);

  • Grand Officer Order of the Star of Romania - Steaua României Mare Ofiţer

  • Honorary Doctorate, Doctor of Arts, Plymouth University

  • Doctor Honoris Causa University of Ferrara (Italy);

  • Doctor Honoris Causa Polytechnic University of Krakow (Poland);

  • Doctor Honoris Causa Technical University of Nova Scotia (Canada);

  • Doctor Honoris Causa Universidade São Francisco (Bragança Paulista, Brazil);

  • “Colar de Ouro” decoration - Institute of Architects of Brazil - IAB

  • Presidential Medal and Honorary Member of the American Institute of Architects

  • Honorary Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects

  • Honorary Member of the Royal Institute of Architects of Canada

  • Honorary Member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects Incorporated

  • Honorary Member of the Royal Korean Institute of Architects

  • Honorary Member of the Federacion Panamericana de Asociaciones de Arquitectos

  • Honorary Member of the Japan Institute of Architects

  • Honorary Member of the Paraguayan Association of Architectos

  • Honorary Member of the College of Architects of the Sociedad Panameña de Ingenieros e Arquitectos

  • Member of “Galeria Lucio Costa”, Federal Congress, Brasília, Brazil.

  • Honor Diploma - Central Society of Architects of Argentina

  • Honor Member - Federacion Panamericana de Asociaciones de Arquitetos

  • Honor Plate - Federation of the College of Architects of the Mexican Republic

  • Honor Enrollment - Colegio de Arquitectos de Córdoba

  • Honorary Diploma - University of Westminster, London

  • Commendation Barão do Serro Azul - Paraná Commercial Association, Curitiba, Brazil



Lectures and Conferences
  • 2018 Foro Brasil Espanha, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2017 Future Architecture and Future Cities, Festival of the Future City. Bristol, England.

  • 2016 New Directions to Brazil, 7th Technical Meeting of Caixa Econômica Federal Engineers and Architects. São Paulo Brazil.

  • 2016 International Conference St. Petersburg- Barcelona: priority of balance in the sustainable city development, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  • 2015 International Cities & Transport Congress and Mayors Summit - Panel: Local Leaders and Transformations in Cities, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • 2015 Banorte Financial Group - Lecture: Movilidad, Seguridad, Desarrollo, Mexico City, Mexico

  • 2015 Rio Academy, International Forum on Architecture and Urbanism - Lecture: The Future of Large Cities in Emerging Countries, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • 2015 Chatham House's second annual London Conference - Lecture: Innovation for Sustainable Urbanization, London, United Kingdom

  • 2015 Clinton Foundation - CGI U Working Session: “Reclaiming the Concrete Jungle: Investing in Urban Green Spaces”, University of Miami, FL, USA.

  • 2014 Exame de Sustentabilidade Forum - Panel: Sustainable Cities, São Paulo, Brazil.

  • 2014 Cámara Colombiana de la Infraestructura - Lecture: Curitiba: Case of Success, Cartagena, Colombia.

  • 2014 Buenos Aires City Government - Lecture at the 5th Solar Cities International Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • 2014 The Academy of Urbanism, Annual Congress - Keynote speaker: 'Towards a Greener Urbanism, Bristol, United Kingdom.

  • 2014 Fundación Metropoli, Forum Coruña Futura - Lecture: Cuidades con Proyetos, Coruña, Spain.

  • 2013 NEST - The Networked Society Forum, Keynote Speaker, Ericsson, Miami, USA.

  • 2013 Universidad Iberoamericana - Sustainable Urbanism in Latin America, Aula Magna, Mexico City, Mexico

  • . 2013 Meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative, IDB, Washington, USA.

  • 2013 Congress of Smart Cities «Smart Cities», Keynote Speaker, Cartagena, Colombia.

  • 2013 Jeddah Economic Forum 2013 - Housing the Growing Population, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

  • 2013 The Sustainable City: Learning from Curitiba, New York University, New York, USA.

  • 2012 Congress “Urban Energies - Future Challenges for Towns and Cities”, Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Berlin, Germany.

  • 2012 28th Inter-American Congress of Industry and Constitution - “Infraestructura y vivienda to build better cities”, Lima, Peru.

  • 2012 Rio + 20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, “Megacities” Forum - Transport, Energy and Urban Development, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • 2012 Rio + 20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Dialogues for Sustainable Development - Sustainable Cities and Innovation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • 2012 Volvo Leadership Development, Curitiba, Brazil.

  • 2012 Colloque Villes, monde rural and territoires, 4éme Table Ronde de l'Arbois, Aix-en-Provence, France.

  • 2012 Osons la France, Le Forum de Tous les Possibles, Paris, France.

  • 2012 Transforming Transportation, Embarq, Washington, USA

  • 2011 HSM Expomanagement 2011, São Paulo, Brazil

  • 2011 A World of Sustainable Cities, Urban Infrastructure Initiative, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, London, England

  • 2011 Forum - (Re) Naissance d'Une Ville by Le Design, Montreal's Palais des Congrès, Canada

  • 2011 Transport for Society, International Transport Forum, Leipzig, Germany.

  • 2011 International Conference - What is the Fate of Public Art? UNESCO, Paris, France

  • 2011 Michelin Challenge Bibendum Berlin, 11th Edition, Rallying together towards sustainable road mobility, Berlin, Germany 2011 II International Conference on Innovative Cities, Curitiba, Brazil

  • 2011 Second Sustainable Transport and Air Quality Conference for Latin America & The Caribbean - How to Achieve Sustainable Urban Transport ?, World Bank (org.), Rosario, Argentina

  • 2011 Advanced Leadership Initiative - Revitalizing Cities Think Thank, Harvard University - Cambridge, USA.

  • 2011 The Economist. The Ideas Economy, Intelligent Infrastructure - New York, USA

  • 2010 Partnership for Urban Innovation, Commission 5 - Barcelona, Spain

  • 2010 Real Cities: A Symposium on Brazilian Urbanism - Chicago, USA

  • 2010 Green Festival 2010 - Cascais, Portugal

  • 2010 International Urban Forum - São Paulo, Brazil

  • 2010 World Cities Summit 2010, Livable and Sustainable Cities for the Future - Singapore

  • 2010 TEDxBuenos Aires, La revolucíon de las ideas. 2nd edition - Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 2010 Las Ciudades Forum, Energias XXI - Fuenlabrada, Spain

  • 2009 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Trust

  • 2009 Made Expo - Madrid, Spain

  • 2008 Urban Age Conference - São Paulo

  • 2008 XXIII International Union of Architects Congress (UIA) - Turin, Italy

  • 2008 Ecocity World Summit - San Francisco, USA

  • 2008 ZaragozaKioto - Architectures for a Sustainable Planet - Exhibit at Espanish Pavillion in the International Exhibition Zaragoza, Spain

  • 2007 TED - Ideas Worth Spreading - Monterey, USA

  • 2007 EcoPower Conference - International Forum of Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Florianópolis, Brazil

  • 2006 The “Clinton Global Initiative”, panelist for the Cities of the Future plenary session, New York, USA

  • 2006 Mayors Hemispheric Forum Conference, Mayor's International Council. Miami, USA

  • 2006 Member of the “Blue Ribbon Panel, GEF Regional Sustainable Transport and Air Quality Project”, The World Bank, Washington, USA.

  • 2005-06 “Bruce Goff Chair Lecture Series” - The Value and Values of the Architect, The University of Oklahoma College of Architecture, Oklahoma, USA.

  • 2005 Environment 2005 - Conference on Sustainable Transportation in Developing Countries, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • 2003 Summit “Oltre il Petrolio” (Beyond Oil) - Rome, Italy

  • 2002 “International Forum on Sustainable Cities” - The George Washington University - George Washington Center on Sustainable Growth - Washington, USA

  • 2001 Caring Communities for the 21 Century: Imagining the Possible - Age of Longevity ”- International Council for Caring Communities - ICCC - United Nations - New York, USA

  • 2000 Global Solidarity: The Way to Peace and International Cooperation ”- 53rd Annual United Nations Conference - Department of Public Information / Non Governmental Organization - New York, USA

  • 1993 UIA / AIA Conference “World Congress of Architects” - Chicago, USA

  • 1986 “Transportation Policy in Brazil: Case Studies of Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro” - World Congress and Land Policy, London, England.

  • 1986 “Rethinking the Latin American City” - Smithsonian Institute, Washington, USA

  • 1986 “Mega-Cities and Innovatice Technologies” - New York Academy of Sciences, New York, USA

  • 1986 “International Green Forum” - “Management of Greenery in Cities” Section - Osaka, Japan

  • 1983 “Las Grandes Ciudades de Las Américas”, San Juan, Puerto Rico



Published Books



Chapters and Articles
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Films and Documentaries
  • 2016 Documentary “Jaime Lerner - A Story of Dreams”, director Carlos Deiró.

  • 1991 International Union Tree for Learning Award for Nature Conservation



Showings and Exhibits
  • 2014 Exhibition “Das Vozes da Cidade - Jaime Lerner” , at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON). Curitiba Brazil.

  • 2010 Urban Design Exhibition: Uma Trajetória, Brazilian Design Biennial - Curitiba, Brazil

  • 2010 Exhibition at the Bienalle Internacionale Design, Saint Étienne, France

  • 2010 Exhibition at the 10th Michelin Challenge Bibendum - Rio de Janeiro, 2010

  • 2006 Exhibition at the “8th International Biennial of Architecture in Santo Domingo”, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • 2006 Exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: Men Inventor, Genius - section Modern-Day Leonardos”, at the Science and Industry Museum of Chicago, USA.

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