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The Jaime Lerner Institute was born to awaken a positive awareness of the potential of cities.

Each city, from the smallest to the largest, is an agent of transformation and the example of one can reach its neighbors, as a domino effect, changing the country.

For this to happen, it is necessary to strengthen local power, but it is equally essential that city managers are the managers of change.

It is with this strategic vision that the Jaime Lerner Institute, a non-profit and non-party entity, guides its action, instructing the city halls for innovative administrations.

The Jaime Lerner Institute

Broadly speaking, these are the aims of the Jaime Lerner Institute:

  • Constitute a bank of successes in urban solutions, in order to facilitate the access of city halls to vital information for cities.

  • Stimulate a vision of environmentally friendly cities.

  • Promote a permanent exchange between cities, in order to disseminate good experiences and solutions.

  • Promote courses, debates, seminars, conventions, congresses and publications on issues of interest to cities and the country, bringing together specialists from Brazil and abroad.

  • Awaken a strategic vision of the potential of cities and promote the search for innovative solutions that can reflect favorably in the lives of cities and the country.






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